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    Josh Stone

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    Captain of the DELTA team squad for the BSAA. Josh is the only survivor of BSAA West African branch. He is devoted to protecting its people from the virus unleashed in Resident Evil 5.

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    Resident Evil 5

    Josh starred in Resident Evil 5 as a supporting character. Multiple times he was able to give backup to Chris and Sheva to even bringing them their extraction chopper.  He also provides voiceover at the beginning and end of every round in RE5's version of the recurring 'The Mercenaries' minigame, with his line at the end reflecting how well the player(s) did.

    Desperate Escape

    Through new details surfaced via the Japanese magazine, Famitsu, Josh was confirmed to star in the second downloadable chapter, Desperate Escape, along with Jill Valentine. It will detail how they managed to escape the Tri-Cell facility and come across the helicopter they use to rescue Chris and Sheva from the volcano at the end of Resident Evil 5
    Josh is also one of the new playable characters to feature in the Mercenaries Reunion addition for Resident Evil 5: Alternate edition.

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