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Joshua Cunningham is a ten-year-old patient at Resurgam First Care in Trauma Team.  He is also the son of Dr. Gabriel Cunningham.  He is initially admitted for standard treatment of ulcers in his stomach, but is sent to Gabe for an exam when one of the nurses becomes worried for him during his recovery.
At first, Joshua is shy and doesn't want to cause any trouble, and so he lies about not having any symptoms.  However, when he can no longer hide the truth and receives a heated lecture from his father, he comes clean and explains all of his symptoms that he could identify.  Gabriel discovers to his horror that Joshua is suffering from Wermer's Syndrome, and the condition has progressed to the point that an operation is required.  Joshua undergoes the operation with Prisoner CR-SO1 acting as the lead surgeon with Gabe assisting him, and is successfully treated.

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