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Jowan is an apprentice mage at The Circle of Magi, and a friend of the "Mage Origin" player character
Jowan is worried about being made a tranquil (a mage with all of their emotions and magical potential removed) since he still has not yet gone through The Harrowing, a mage initiation test. This worry is compounded by the fact that he is romantically involved with a Chantry priestess named Lily, which is strictly forbidden. The couple have discovered that Jowan is suspected of being a Blood Mage, presumably because he has been sneaking around at night to see Lily. They ask the player to help them run away by destroying Jowan's phylactery of blood, so that the Templars will no longer be able to track him.
The player can decide to help them or inform First Enchanter Irving, who wil instruct the player to play along with the escape plan so he can catch Lily red-handed to get back at The Chantry. Either way after destroying the phylactery Jowan is caught by Irving, Duncan, Knight-Commander Greagoir and a few guards, and attempts, in vain, to use blood magic to escape.
Given an offer to redeem himself by Loghain, Jowan is hired by Arlessa Isolde of Redcliffe to secretly teach Connor (who she has discovered to be a mage) how to control his magic to avoid the attention of the Templars; his true mission is to poison Arl Eamon, he partially succeeds in his task, but is caught and imprisoned in Redcliffe dungeon. 
Jowan is initially blamed for Connor's possession by a desire demon and the walking corpses that have been attacking Redcliffe, and later when the Warden and party arrive and find him imprisoned he offers his services to use blood magic to save Connor, by having another (Isolde) die in his stead.

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