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Jowy's wife Jillia Blight
Jowy's wife Jillia Blight

Jowy is the best friend of Riou and Nanami. He and Riou joined the Highland Army at a young age but deserted after their unit was massacred by Luca Blight. Together they escaped to the city-state of Jowston where they fell in with Flik and Viktor's mercenary group. He betrays Riou and friends when he murders Anabelle, the mayor of Muse and chairwoman of the Jowston Alliance, in order to gain the favor of Luca Blight. His true plan was to take over Highland from within. To achieve this he married into the Blight family. He gained more and more power and after Luca Blight's death Jowy was put in command of the Highland army. In the end his army is defeated by Riou and company and Jowy flees Highland to travel the world again with his friends.

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