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The Nintendo Switch ships with two Joy-Con, along with a wrist strap for each. They can be used and charged while attached to the Nintendo Switch console via rails, or they can be used while detached. Detaching the Joy-Con allows them to be used in other accessories, or they can be used for two-player.


Each Joy-Con has an analog stick, four digital direction buttons, a - or + button, and three 'shoulder' buttons, one on top of the controller and two more on the rail. The left Joy-Con has a capture button, while the right Joy-Con has a Home button.

Joy-Con have HD Rumble, which allows them to vibrate to create precise sensations, such as balls rolling in a box.

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Each Joy-Con have an accelerometer and gyroscope that can be used for motion tracking. They can allow pointing controls such as the Wii and Wii U had without the need for a sensor bar.

The right Joy-Con has an infrared depth tracking sensor capable of distinguishing objects and shapes. It also has an NFC reader to use for Amiibo.

The batteries have a reported life of 20 hours.


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