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Joy Ride Turbo is a racing game developed by BigPark and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox Live Arcade platform.


Joy Ride Turbo features 15 different vehicles that are grouped into 3 classes: Sport,Muscle, and Truck. Sport Vehicles tend to have a higher top speed and better handling, but their boost meter doesn't fill up as quickly and their strength. Muscle vehicles have higher acceleration than other vehicles, but don't control as easy as the Sport or Truck classes. Truck Vehicles have the highest strength and their boost meter is filled up faster than the other classes. You only start with 3 vehicles and must unlock the others to buy by collecting their parts in tracks and in the stunt parks.


  • Dojo
  • Optic
  • Justice
  • Torq
  • Inception


  • Raven
  • Hammerhead
  • Eisenberg
  • Chrome
  • Straightline


  • Chilco
  • Traveler
  • Bouncer
  • Horizon
  • Mesa


Items are contained in crates scattered around the track

  • Force Field - Creates a shield to guard you from attacks
  • Turbo - Gives you a boost for a short amount of time
  • Rockets - Will go in a straight line and hit other racers if they are close
  • Heat Seeker - Will target the racer in front of you
  • Smart Rocket - Targets the racer in first place. The target gets a warning that the item has been launched.
  • Deep Freeze - Freezes all the other racers on the track making them unable to do tricks and making it harder to steer. The closer you are to first place the longer you stay frozen.
  • Mine - The mine will drop behind you and will stop anyone momentarily if they run into it.
  • Seeker Mine - Like a mine, but it will go after any racer that passes by
  • Trick Box - Like a Mine, but it looks like an item crate
  • Dynamite Drop - Drops dynamite in front of all the racers for a short amount of time.
  • Shock Wave - Pushes away other racers around you and destroys item crates if it is activated near them.
  • Boost Fuel - Replenishes your boost meter very quickly for a short amount of time.

Tracks and Stunt Parks

There are 10 tracks and 2 stunt parks in Joy Ride Turbo.


  • Rocky Road Speedway
  • Lighthouse Loop
  • Great Dragon Road
  • Aviator Ranch
  • Boathouse Bay
  • Cannon Crossover
  • Forbidden Fortress
  • Gold Rush Road
  • Badlands Motorplex
  • Twisted Canyon

Stunt Parks

  • Crimson Park
  • Perilous Park

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