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    Jubei the cat was one of the Six Heroes, Ragna's teacher, Kokonoe's father and the cat-person whose genes would later give birth to the entire Kaka clan of cat-people.

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    Jubei is an incredibly strong, if short, cat person. He became one of the famed Six Heroes who defeated the Black Beast during the war of magic, and might have had an impact during the Ikaruga civil war. Hakumen considers him to be the strongest person in the world, and in one part of the story he actually stopped Iron Tager's fist with his bare hands (paws?). He seems to be on friendly terms with his descendants in the Kaka clan, as Taokaka unironically refers to him as "cat person."

    In BlazBlue, Jubei plays a small (though important) role in the story, but is not a playable character in the game. He is revealed to be the father of Kokonoe, conceived with his partner Nine another member of the Six Heroes, the genetic father of the Kaka clan and the sensei who taught Ragna how to wield a sword. Apparently, he also carries a Nox Nyctores called "Musashi," rumored to be the "greatest katana in the world."


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