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    Judge Magisters

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    The Judge Magisters are a special order of knights under the Imperial Archadian Army in Final Fantasy XII.

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    The Archadian Judges are a special order of knights under the Imperial Archadian Ministry of Law. With the spread of the Archadian influence came a rise in crime and regional conflicts amongst the people. To reduce the amount of time that is required by judicial process, a military court was established, this being the origin of the Order of Judges and would oversee and protect the people. They are the supreme enforcers of Archadian law in the world of Ivalice. Each of them wields extraordinary legal power in his or her own right over lower-ranked Archadian officers. They are responsible to their duties and tasks given to them by either the Senate or the Emporer. The higher ranked Judge Magisters, in addition to functioning as chief arbiters and enforcers of Archadian law, are also the elite guard of House Solidor which effectively makes them the commanders of the Imperial Army.

    The Judge Magisters wield quite a bit of magical and physical power with the title. They are called on sometimes to guard high profile persons such as Lady Ashe or Lord Larsa. They are also sent on the most sensitive and important missions to assure they go according to plan, such as retrieving the Dusk Shard or the Sword of Kings, artifacts that are held in high regards by the higher-ups.They have a code of honor in which they live by, serving the law and upholding justice. Judge Magisters are always seen in full plate armor and are rarely seen with their helmets off. Each Judge Magister has a unique set of armor with complex helmet ornamentation, usually including horns or other distinguisable features to be noticed easily. All known Judge Magisters are humans, known as Hume in Final Fantasy XII. They sometimes resort to give work to the Bounty Hunters such as Ba'gamnan to carry out the dirty tasks like getting rid of a threat to the empire.

    There are five current Judge Magisters; Gabranth, Ghis, Zargabaath, Drace and Bergan that serve and protect the law. There have been others in the past that have stepped down from their position to make way for better candidates. Without them Ivalice would be in chaos and even though they have their own side agenda at times they still perform their duty first.

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