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    The land where Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu and Thracia 776 take place.

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    At the start of Jugdral calendar, the Kingdom of Gran was formed in the center of Jugdral. This nation prospered for over two hundred years before nation evolved into a republic and true civilization was born. For over two hundred years, the Gran Republic was the height of all civilization around the world. However, all golden ages must end, and the Gran Republic met its end at the bloody sword of the dark Loptous Cult. The Bishop Galle destroyed the Gran Republic, and instituted a brutal empire which enslaved much of the population, and killed all who resisted. It was only when the heroic Prince Maira began a rebellion against his family that the people had a chance against the empire. For over a hundred years, war gripped Jugdral, and finally, in the year 648, the Twelve Crusaders defeated Emperor Galle, and created the modern land of Jugdral.

    Kingdoms of Jugdral


    The historic home of the Kingdom of Gran, the Gran Republic and the center of the Loptous Empire. After the death of Emperor Galle, seven of the twelve crusaders formed their own duchies in the area, with the Duchy of Barharra as capital. Together, they formed The Kingdom of Grandbell, which became the most powerful kingdom in the land. Grandbell was close to its neighbors, and provided peace and security for most of the continent. However, when the army of Rivough attacked the Holy City of Darna, Grandbell moved its massive army, and peace was threatened once again.


    • Saint Heim
    • Beldo
    • Fala
    • Ulir
    • Tordo
    • Blaggi
    • Neir


    A kingdom in southwestern Jugdral, it was founded around the same time that Emperor Galle was killed. A relatively anarchic land, Verdane has spent most of its history raiding its neighbors Grandbell and Agustria, earning a reputation as a kingdom of barbarians and savages. When the Grandbell army went to defend Darna, Verdane used the opportunity to invade Grandbell and rob the land.


    A kingdom in western Jugdral, it comprises of one capital supported by four other duchies. After Emperor Galle died, the crusader Hezul traveled to this land and established his own kingdom. After Hezul's death, his children divided the land among themselves, and pledged loyalty to the capital Agusty. A long time ally of Grandbell, tensions arose when King Chaggal took the throne and became aggressive against his rivals.



    Ogre Hill

    A small island in Agustria, no lord has control over the area and it has since become ruled by pirates. The tower of Blaggi is located here, and is said to connect men to the gods.


    A kingdom in northern Jugdral governed by a strict monarchy. In the first Holy War, the crusader Sety hailed from this remote region, and became a powerful ally of Saint Heim. After he helped defeat Emperor Galle, he settled in his homeland, and became the first king of Silesia. Silesia was a long time ally of Grandbell, however after Prince Kurth of Barharra was assassinated, Silesia helped the fugitives, and was later occupied by Grandbell.



    Yied Desert

    A desert in eastern Jugdral, it's home to the Loptous Sect which lives in secret. During the first Holy War, the Twelve Crusaders were visited by the Dragon Gods in the city of Darna, and were given divine power and powerful weapons. After the defeat of Emperor Galle, the remaining priests of the Loptous Church fled into the desert, and created a new home.










    A country in eastern Jugdral, it's home to a powerful army of Dragon Knights. After the death of Emperor Galle, the Crusader siblings Dain and Noba traveled to Thracia and started their own kingdom, with Dain as king. After Dain's son became king, he became a tyrant that ruled with an iron fist, leading Noba's son to lead a rebellion against him. After the rebellion ended, Thracia was split into Manster and Thracia which led to decades of bitter hatred.




    A small independent nation, it is the economic capital of Jugdral. During the tyranny of the Loptous Empire, massive amounts of children were taken from their homes and sacrificed to the Loptous god. After the death of Emperor Galle, Miletos regained its independence and prestige as an economic powerhouse. Sadly, after Emperor Alvis took the throne of Grandbell, Miletos was occupied, and it slowly lost its power over time.


    • Miletos, the Yied Desert and Verdane are the only Kingdoms not founded by one of the original Twelve Crusaders.
    • In Fire Emblem: Awakening, the King vs. King DLC series takes place in Jugdral, specifically on the border of Grandbell and Verdane.

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