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    Juiced is a racing game franchise that originally started on the PS2, PC, and Xbox.

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    Juiced is a franchise of racing games, that was originally launched on the Playstation 2, PC, and Xbox. There have been three games in the Juiced franchise, and all three have revolved around racing on city streets. Not only this, all three games have used licensed cars, as well as a damage engine.


    The Juiced franchise was originally started by Acclaim games, with the original title of Juiced. The game was intended to have been released in 2004, however, Acclaim went into financial difficulties during this year, and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The company desperately tried to auction off anything with value to remain afloat, and one of the items they auctioned was the publishing rights to Juiced. The game had originally been intended to release in late 2004, and because of this major setback, its history seemed uncertain. 
    Eventually, THQ chose to purchase the publication rights for the game, and told the developers to improve the game at the same time. Because of the transfer of the game's rights, and because of the developers having to slightly redesign the game, the release date for the original title slipped further and further back into 2005. 
    After the release of the game, the second game in the series, Juiced Eliminator was worked on. Eliminator was intended to be a PSP exclusive Juiced game, and it remained so. Eliminator was the more spiritually similar game to the original, while the third game, and currently the final one made (Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights), was more intended to be a sequel.

    General Information

    Juiced games have appeared on several different platforms, and generally are not the highest rated game series. Below is a table of the consoles that each game released on:
    Game Name
    Consoles Released
      Juiced  PS2, Xbox, PC
     Juiced Eliminator
     Playstation Portable
     Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights
      Nintendo DS, PSP, PC, PS3, PS2, 360
    Each Juiced game has appeared on at least one Sony platform. However, this trend does not follow with any other platforms. HIN was the most recent release from the franchise, and was released in 2007. Owing to the year gap between the first three games, it seems likely that the Juiced franchise is either extinct, or simply dormant.

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