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    Julian Gollop

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    Julian Gallop is the developer of X-Com: UFO Defense and several similar series such as Rebelstar and Laser Squad. Until recently, Julian worked for Ubisoft Sofia where he developed Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars for the Nintendo 3DS. After his departure from Ubisoft in 2012, Julian used kickstarter to fund a modern remake of his 1985 strategy game Chaos: The Battle of Wizards. Currently he is working on the next game from his new studio Snapshot Games, the game is currently known as Phoenix Point.

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    Julian Gollop released his first games, Time Lords and Islandia, for the BBC Micro in 1983.

    In March 2012, Julian departed from Ubsioft Sofia to spend time with his wife and newborn twins as well as work for himself. Julian's first project as an independent developer was a remake of his 1985 strategy game, Chaos for the ZX Spectrum, which was called Chaos Reborn and released in october 2015. Currently his independent studio Snapshot Games is working on their next project,called Phoenix Point.


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