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    Jumper: Griffin's Story

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Feb 12, 2008

    Based on the 2008 movie, players control the anti-hero, Griffin, in his quest to kill Paladins and avenge his parents' deaths.

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    A game based upon the Jumper movie, but revolving around one of the supporting characters (Griffin). The game is an action/brawler in which combat takes place on the face buttons and each button represents a direction (ie. "Y" represents Up and "A" represents Down). Graphics that would make a PS2 launch game look beautiful today and technical issues throughout. The game is remarkable for being shorter in length than the actual movie it's based around.


    Main Characters



    His full name is Griffin O' Conner and he is the main protagonist and a very gifted Jumper. After he accidentally used his ability in karate class at the age of 9, his parents were killed by Paladins. He managed to get away from their attack and he's been living on his own since that day. He is now in his 20's and seeking revenge for the death of his parents. He is one of the few Jumpers who can actually stand in a fight against Paladins. He was featured as a side-character in the recent Jumper movie, but landed the starring role in this tie-in to the film.

    • Voiced by Jamie Bell.

    David Rice

    Roland Cox.
    Roland Cox.

    Another young Jumper who doesn't understand what's at stake with the war between Jumpers and Paladins. He lives in a New York penthouse and uses his ability to rob banks and live an easy life. He runs into Griffin while visiting the Colosseum in Rome. David has a very small role in the game, but is the main character of the feature-length film.

    Roland Cox

    Leader of the Paladin organization and set on wiping every Jumper off the planet. His reasons for prosecution are based on his belief that only God should have the power to be everywhere. Roland was voiced and played by Samuel L. Jackson in the film, but his voice talent wasn't used in the game.


    The basic idea is that "Jumpers" and Paladins have been battling for a long time. Paladins are a clandestine organization that are out to rid the world of Jumpers. In Griffin's Story, players control Griffin; he is on a quest to avenge the death of his parents, who were murdered by Paladins.


    The game opens with a flashback of the night Griffin's parents were killed. After the flashback, the game jumps to Griffin's encounter with David Rice at the Colosseum in Rome. After an interrogation of a Paladin, Griffin heads to Nepal is search of Roland Cox. Nepal leads to Tokyo, where the Paladins are stealing a machine that will allow them to follow Jumpers through Jump Scars. In Tokyo, he finds those who murdered his parents and manages to kill them, but lets the machine escape. Griffin leaves for his secret lair in the desert, but the Paladins follow right behind him thanks to their new machine. The game ends with a battle between Griffin and Roland, what happens after their fight is unknown.


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