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Jumper Two is an Indie platformer game and the sequel to Jumper. Released in 2004 for free on the Matt Makes Games site, it updates the 2D platforming blueprint of the original with new stages and new jumping techniques. Matt Makes Games would go on to create Jumper Three in 2008.


Ogmo was created in 1888 after lab experiments to create the ultimate soldier went wrong. The labs were abandoned during World War 1. Ogmo escapes the labs only to be recaptured, but jumps from the plane to escape once again.


In Jumper Two there are a total of 60 stages. There are 10 groups of 5 stages each and one group of 10. Each of these groups has a common theme to them. The goal of each level is just to jump the way to the end of the level, with secondary objectives to gather gems for skilled players. In addition to the main game mode there is also a time trial mode where the game will track how quickly each level is finished. The game also features both normal and easy difficulty settings. On the easy difficulty there will be checkpoints in the levels, while on normal mode there are not.

The different types of jumps Ogmo can perform:

  • Normal Jump - The basic jump that can be done by merely pressing the up key.
  • Double Jump - This allows Ogmo to jump once already in the air, but only one double jump can be performed before touching the ground or collecting a power up.
  • Wall Jump - Wall jumps are performed by holding the arrow in the direction of the wall and pressing up. Ogmo will jump off of the wall in the opposite direction. There is no limit to how many of these can be performed before touching ground again.
  • Skid Jump - The skid jump is performed by running in one direction, then quickly pushing the other direction and jump. This jump will go much higher in the air than a normal jump.

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