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    Jumpsuit is the name for a clothing article that is a pair of pants and a jacket combined. Origionally, jumpsuits were the garments that skydivers wore when jumping from a plane. However, jumpsuits have become known as any one piece suit that is worn with a specific purpose in mind.

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    Jumpsuits have many names, purposes, and can be made of many fabrics. For instance, race car drivers typically wear jumpsuits made of special fabric that is fire resistant. This is in case they are engulfed in flames after a sever crash.

    Jumpsuits typically have an aura of being futuristic, as many futuristic settings are full of people wearing them. However, this does not mean that they are only tied to such times.

    Some examples of people who use jumpsuits:

    • Prisoners
    • Race car drivers
    • Clean room workers
    • Biohazard people
    • Trade-men such as mechanics

    Jumpsuits are not to be confused with catsuits, as they are not tight fitting garments.


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