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    Jun-266 is a SPARTAN-III soldier and a member of Noble team. He is an expert marksman, preferring to use his sniper rifle to pick off targets from long range. He works in Commander Carter's group of Spartans.

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    Colonel Holland's Noble Performance Report on Jun

    Warrant Officer

    • (P)MOS: 180B
    • Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
    • Location: CLASSIFIED
    • Gender: M
    • Birthplace: TYUMEN, NEW HARMONY
    • Birth Date: 28/02/2524

    SERVICE #: S-266

    PERFORMANCE: Rock solid under pressure. Better than he has any right to be, but at least he isn’t cocky - which is a good thing because he’s chatty. This does tend to put him at odds with noise discipline protocols - his behavior in this regard is often overlooked by the other operators in the field because of the informational bent of his chatter.

    COMMENTS: During mandatory psychiatric evaluation [15/12/2549] it was noted by XXX that S-266 had “an unhealthy emotional detachment in regards to the consequences of his actions” – I can only suggest that this was done without any metric by which to measure said detachment. By my estimation Jun is a rationalist. He is also a Spartan.

    NOTE: Although it is noted in his medical records that he has exhibited symptoms of PTSD in the past there have been no indications of a relapse post-therapy [05/01/2550]

    Current Status

    Jun's current status is unknown, as he was not seen after Noble Team's departure of Sword Base. He was last seen escorting Dr. Halsey away from Sword Base. According to the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition Developer Commentary, Jun is still alive. Although he obviously didn't exist as a character until Halo: Reach and couldn't have been included, the novel First Strike details the Master Chief's return to Reach after the events of Halo: Combat Evolved and it's revealed that Halsey takes the unconscious Spartan 087 and flees to Onyx. If Jun indeed lives then he very well could have taken part in Operation: First Strike and returned to Earth with the Chief and some of the other Spartan-IIs.


    • Voiced by Sunil Malhotra in the game
    • One of the few Spartan-IIIs to be issued Mjolnir powered assault armor
    • His number is one of Bungie's numerous references to the number 7: 2+6+6=14, 14/2=7

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