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    Jun Kazama

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    Jun Kazama is a playable character in the Tekken series of fighting games.

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    Jun Kazama is a playable character in the Tekken fighting game series and made her first appearance in Tekken 2. She is the mother of Jin Kazama, one of the main characters in the series. Jun was assumed to have been murdered by Ogre when he awoken in search of Jin. Jun was "missing" for many of the Tekken games, although she was mentioned many time throughout the series through flashbacks. She has recently make her return in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 of which she is shown to have a counterpart, much like the Devil Gene known as Unknown.


    Tekken 2

    Jun makes her first even appearance in Tekken 2, the second game in the series. Jun is shown to be working as an officer with the WWWC, a wildlife protection organization. This role leads her to the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 as she is ordered to arrest Kazuya Mishima, whom is smuggling endangered animals. During the end of the tournament, she is shown to possess mild psychic abilities as she is able to sense that Kazuya's supernatural strength and durability comes from the Devil Gene, a evil version of himself. She finds herself being strangely drawn to Kazuya by a mystic force beyond her control.

    Tekken 3

    It is revealed that Jun wound up impregnated by Kazuya Mishima during the second tournament. At the end of the tournament, the Devil within Kazuya left him and attempted to possess Jun's unborn child. Jun managed to fight off the Devil and escaped into a remote mountainous area of which she decided to raise her child alone. She later gave birth to a baby boy of which she names Jin Kazama and two shared a very close bond. Fifteen years later, Jun was attacked by Ogre and after the fight, she disappeared. Although her official status was 'missing', it was heavily speculated by fans that she was murdered by Ogre. After her disappearance, she had not appeared in any canonical Tekken game since although she is shown in the cameo opening of Tekken 3 along with Kazuya. as well as flashbacks to Jin.

    Tekken 4

    In Tekken 4, Jun's figure appears in Jin's ending to stop him killing his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. This is most likely her spirit or a vision to Jin as it persuaded him to spare Heihachi for the honour of his mother. When Jin files away, numerous black feathers fall to the ground, apart from one white one which suggests that his mother helped retain some good in him.

    Tekken 5

    In Tekken 5, Jun is mentioned in the Devil Within mini game when Jin find some clues that lead him to believe that his mother may indeed be alive. However, it turns out to be Ogre, the creature that attacked Jun in the beginning and Jin defeats it for the second time. It is unknown if Devil Within is canonical or not.

    Tekken 6

    In Tekken 6, Jun is mentioned several times during the prologue for the Scenario Campaign of which Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi re-tell the events of the previous Tekken games. During the prologue, Kazyua explains how he met Jun and how he found her to be fearless and mysterious. Jin Kazama then explains how much he misses his mother and he wishes she was still with him and goes on to explain that he killed Ogre in her honour.

    Tekken TAG Tournament

    Jun is a playable character in Tekken TAG Tournament of which she retains her original move set from Tekken 2 as well as some additional moves added. Many of her moves were added due to her not appearing in Tekken 3. Although Tekken TAG is a non- cannon game in the series, it is made to look like a refined version of Tekken 3 as Jun is shown to be watching over the Mishima family and trying to save them, something she would do if she were present in Tekken 3. Jun serves as Jin's better concious due to the blood in him and the Devil Gene.

    Tekken TAG Tournament 2

    Jun makes her début return to the Tekken series in the sequel, Tekken TAG 2. The game is set during Tekken 6 and Jun has aged to the extent that her appearance fits with the other Tekken 2 characters of that time such as Kazuya, Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law and Lei Wulong.

    Jun has been given a new direction as a matured version of her Tekken 2 self who seems to be more worldly and secretive, taking on issues that affect the entire world as opposed to just animals. She appears in the shadows as seen in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arcade intro. She looks on as (young) Heihachi Mishima and Alisa Bosconovitch fight Feng Wei and Miguel Caballero Rojo in one side of the arena and King and Craig Marduk take on Armor King and Jaycee in another.

    When the spectator, Lili Rochefort, high up in the V.I.P. stand, spots Jun with her electronically enhanced eye-wear, Jun immediately detects it. Jun looks directly at her as if they were in close-contact with an expressionless stare. The eye-wear suddenly explodes in Lili's face.



    Little is known about Unknown, hence the name. Initially (in Tekken TAG Tournament) she could switch fighting stances to almost any character, but always started in Jun Kazama's stance at the beginning of each round. However in Tekken TAG Tournament 2, she only uses Jun's fighting style with some supernatural additions. Her costume is an almost nude body covered in what appears to be a black fluid that sticks to her body. Her second costume is what appears to be the remains of a torn and burned white dress with bandages covering wounds on her body.

    Tekken TAG Tournament

    Unknown appears to break free of the wolf spirits grasp and just as she begins to realize what has happened, the wolf spirit attacks her. Unknown ducks the attack and counters with a right hand punch of her own, but as her blow lands the wolf spirit begins to consume her. As her body is fully absorbed the wolf spirit begins to complete its form (growing legs) but just as it is about to complete its transformation, Unknown breaks free from the inside and destroys the wolf spirit. She lands on the ground covered in green goo and she looks into the camera and smiles.

    Tekken TAG Tournament 2

    In TTT2, Unknown has returned and it's revealed that she indeed is Jun Kazama. As Jun is the final boss of the game and, upon defeating her, she transforms into Unknown. When Unknown defeats the player and the continue counter reaches zero, she will push the player under the purple goo of the stage. After Unknown is defeated, she is attacked by wolf-head spirits and falls down and submerges under the purple goo.

    Other Appearances

    Tekken: The Motion Picture

    Jun Kazama is one of the main characters in the anime cartoon film, Tekken: The Motion Picture. As a young child, Jun witnessed Kazuya being thrown off a cliff by his father, Heihachi. She climbed down the cliff to find Kazuya, but she is unable to find him. Years later, Jun works for the WWC. She is highly psychic and can sense a mysterious power from Kazuya whom is later shown to have survived. She teams up with Detective Lei Wulong to investigate the Mishima Zaibatsu bio- weapons but she is drawn to Kazuya and is unwilling t let him give into his hatred for his father. After various confrontation, she discovers that Kazuya is possessed by the Devil but she is unable to convince his to spare Heihachi. The film then jumps back to the future where Jun is seem with Jin, sensing something evil coming. She tells Jin that everything will be all right and she heads off with Jin.

    Tekken (2010)

    Junn appears in the Tekken live action movie of which she is portrayed by Tamlyn Tomita. She is shown to be a single mother to Jin and died from an explosion when Kazuya's men raided her house in search of Jin.

    Game Abilities

    Jun specializes in Kazama- Style Traditional Martial Arts, a fighting style used by members of the Kazama family. The fighting style consists of traditional Japanese martial arts such as Aiki-Jujitsu, Akido and karate. Jun's moves are very fast and it is very easy for the player to perform juggles and combos using punches and kicks. Jun's roundhouse kicks are extremely powerful and hard to block as they are very fast.


    • She carries the same tattoo as Jin Kazama but on the opposite arm.
    • In the first Tekken TAG, she could change fighting stances during matches by pressing L3 or R3 on the PS2 controller, unlike Mokujin who had to be tagged out and back in to switch stances.
    • In the first Tekken TAG, she could not emulate the fighting arts of the bigger characters (Jack, Kuma/Panda and Ganryu).
    • Constantly regenerates her health during the match.
    • The only character to have a full CG ending in Tekken Tag for the PS2.
    • She appears in Ogre's Tekken TAG Tournament ending, stopping him just as he is about to kill Jin (seeming to further insinuate that she is Jun Kazama).

    Relationships With Other Characters

    Although the nature of Kazuya and Jun’s relationship is never revealed to the player, it is commonly believed by players that she is responsible for the “Angel” side of Kazuya’s soul (although this has not been confirmed). Regardless of the relationship between Kazuya and Jun, Jun and Jin’s relationship was a good one, as Jin as remained loyal to his mothers teachings throughout the series. This is most evident during Jin’s Tekken 4 ending, where Jin was about to deliver a fatal blow to Heihachi but did not. Before transforming into Devil Jin and flying away, he told him to “Thank my mother, Jun Kazama.”

    Another character related to Jun is Asuka Kazama, who debuted in Tekken 5. From the same family, Asuka also studies the same fighting style as Jun. The two also share an apparent hereditary ability to subdue the Devil Gene. Jun has the power to temporarily subdue entities, such as the Devil in Kazuya. Similarly, in Asuka's Tekken 5 ending, when she holds Devil Jin after defeating him, she unwittingly causes the devil within Jin to recede.


    • Jun is considered to be a peace lover with inner and outer beauty.
    • Jun has the ability to supress the Devil gene.
    • Jun is an officer of WWWC, a wildlife protection organization.
    • Jun is confirmed to appear in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. She also sports a new outfit.
    • Jun also appeared in both the animated movie and the live action film of Tekken. She still portrays Jin's mother.
    • It has not been confirmed yet if Jun was killed by Ogre or just missing.
    • It is still not confirmed if Jun and Kazuya's intimate meeting is consensual or not.
    • She is portrayed by Tamlyn Tomita in the Tekken 2010 film.

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