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The TV which serves as the team's gateway to the Midnight Channel.
The TV which serves as the team's gateway to the Midnight Channel.
Junes is a popular department store in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4's Inaba. Although it has only appeared relatively recently in the game's plot, it is a source of contention for local store owners, as it is a major competitor which draws shoppers away from the Central Shopping District. While the player cannot actually shop for items at Junes, it is nonetheless a significant location for Souji Seta and his team, since the store serves as their personal headquarters for the duration of the investigation. Its food court in particular is their predetermined meeting area for discussing turning points in the case, as well as to be briefed and otherwise prepared for any exploration and fighting. Additionally, one of the display televisions in the electronics department is used as a gateway to enter a safe area within the Midnight Channel, as using other televisions would, in turn, be a gamble; different TVs lead to different locations. Yosuke's father was asigned to manage Junes, and because of this, the townspeople seem to resent Yosuke for this, causing a great deal of termoil, especially with the Konishi family.

In the summer vacation part of the game, the team are forced to work for Yosuke and help him run the food court and other places for a number of days, which pays substantially.

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