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Jungle Hunt, a side-scrolling platformer released for arcades in 1982 and for the Atari 2600 in 1983, is a three phase platformer that puts the player in the shoes of a typical jungle survivalist, tasked with rescuing a lady from the hands of a group of bloodthirsty cannibals. The game was originally called Jungle King and featured Tarzan as the protagonist, but due to copyright issues over his use, it was changed to Jungle Hunt.

  • The first level features vine swings of varying distances, where perfect timing is required to proceed.
  • The second level is a side-scrolling swimming challenge that pits the explorer against crocodiles. Armed with a knife, the player can choose to avoid or stab, with extra points awarded for stabbing a crocodile with its mouth open.
  • The last level is a side-scrolling boulder jump, with a voodoo doctor end boss. Boulders of different sizes, speeds and intervals enter from the right side of the screen, and the player must leap over them. As more boulders enter the screen, timing becomes critical. The end boss shakes from side to side and leaps very high in the air. Successful completion requires timing a run directly beneath the boss character as he leaps.

Like many 2600 games, the game allows you to start back at the beginning to replay at a higher difficulty.


The home console version of the game was designed for use with the classic Atari 2600 joystick controller.

  • Level 1: Stick moves character up and down on vine. Button initiates jump.
  • Level 2: Stick moves character up down left right. Button stabs knife.
  • Level 3: Stick moves Character left and right. Button jumps.

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