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Guide a jungle man through multiple dangers to rescue the heroine in this 1982 arcade release from Taito.

It was one of the first side-scrolling platformers. In addition to jumping, it was also the first game to feature a ducking gameplay mechanic.

Game graphics and name changed to "Jungle Hunt" after the Burroughs estate sued Taito for infringing upon "Tarzan" copyrights.


This game starts out when the jungle man swinging on vines to the left. He finishes the first level by diving into the water.

Level 2 has the jungle man swimming and avoiding two types of alligators. His air meter goes down as he swims deeper and if you get too close to the end a geyser of bubbles will appear to raise him up so he can breathe. This can work against him as you lose control of the jungle man and if alligators are nearby it's a one hit kill. End the level by reaching land to the left.

Level 3 has the jungle man running up hill toward the left jumping over boulders. Sometimes the boulders just roll straight down, sometimes they will bounce. The big boulders bounce over the jungle man. You'll notice that you've reached the end of the level when a big boulder lands with a big 'thud' and the jungle man jumps on to it letting out a big 'roar'.

The final level involves the jungle man needing to jump over two voodoo men with spears in order to reach the damsel in distress. She is hanging over a boiling pot of something not described. Jump over them successfully to reach her and that ends the game, with a scene of her kissing you as music plays. The words, 'I LOVE YOU' are portrayed underneath the picture.

The game starts over again with a change of colors to the palette, including the jungle man. Other challenges are added to the mix as well. For instance, monkeys are added to the vines in Level 1 that climb up and down. Timing must be perfect to reach the next vine or they will knock you off.


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