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    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Dec 01, 1981

    In this Konami arcade game, snakes navigate through mazes, shooting at each other in hopes of cutting their opponents down to size enough to be mercilessly devoured. Welcome to the Jungler, baby.

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    You are a snake. You must navigate around a series of mazes with three other, computer-controlled snakes. If the tail end of a snake is hit by a bullet it becomes shorter, and if a shorter snake runs into the head of a longer snake it is destroyed.

    Shooting other players and occasionally collecting bonus items earns you points. These bonuses also increase the overall length of your snake. The longer the game goes on, the faster your computer enemies will move about the maze.

    Players start with 3 lives. Each level requires the player to defeat 7 enemy snakes before advancing to the next level.

    For each segment of an enemy snake you shoot off you gain 60 points. However, if only the head remains, you gain 500 points.

    Running into an enemy snake gives more points, at 80 points per segment.

    Running into an 8-segment snake that you can destroy will give you 640 points. A 7-segment snake=560, etc.

    The enemy snakes can appear as one of 3 colors: red, yellow, or green.

    Red means the snake is longer than the player-controlled snake. Running into the snake's head will cause you to be destroyed.

    Yellow means the snake is the same length as yours. Even though it's the same length, the player-controlled snake will destroy the computer controlled snake if they collide.

    Green means they are smaller than your snake, and can be destroyed by running into its head.

    Fans of the game are commonly referred to as "Jungalos." Okay, not really, but still. That would be hilarious.

    Post Release

    Microsoft Game Room

    Jungler was included in the first batch of 30 games in Microsoft's Game Room.


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