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    One of those who came before that Desmond and his group of assassin's come across and meet.

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    A character from the Assassin's Creed series, loosely based on the Roman goddess of the same name. Juno, like Minerva and Jupiter, are members of the race known as the The First Civilization.


    Juno is a member of the first Civilization and was one of the members trying to save earth through the Six pieces of edens designed to counteract the Coming solar flares that would soon destroy the Earth, she was alongside Minerva and Jupiter. Unfortunately, although they came close to succeeding, none of their Solutions worked and the planet was burned and scorched by the solar flare. At some point before or prior to this event, Juno recorded several messages to the future for those who were predicted to succeed where she could not.

    Juno first appeared to Clay Kaczmarek, Subject 16 whilst he was suffering from the bleeding effect. She was able to show Clay glimpses of his inevitable fate, and then urged him to help Desmond Miles, his successor. Although he initially refused, she knew that the there was only one way, Showing him Lucy Stillman's true alliance, he eventually agreed. Juno told him to make sure that humanity would suffer as her kind did before them.

    Juno appeared several times as a holographic message to Desmond, an assassin and Clay's Successor, as he went through the Colosseum.

    Once the assassin team reached the Apple's location in the Vault, Juno gave a final message then took control of Desmond, making him to stab Lucy with his Hidden Blade against his will.


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