Jurassic Park: Builder

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 23, 2012

    Build your own variation of the famous park from one of the most beloved movie franchises! Decode DNA sequences to breed new species, keep your dinosaurs happy, and expand to create the biggest park in the world.

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    A mobile coin collecting and building management game based on creating and running your own Jurassic Park dinosaur park. The game features characters, sounds, and dinosaurs from the movie franchise as you accomplish quests, keep your patrons safe, feed your dinosaurs, and expand and build your park as you see fit. It's played from an isometric view you use touch to move and build dinosaur pens, park buildings, and decorations for the park.

    Gameplay and Mechanics:

    Basic mechanics consist of tapping dinosaur pens and park buildings in order to collect coins which can be spent on new buildings, expanding the park, dino-food, and evolving/decoding the DNA of new dinosaurs. With each new building built and dinosaur established you earn experience which allows you to level up and gain access to more buildings and decorations. In addition characters from the Jurassic Park films will show up and give you quests and missions, each according to to their own personalities, to "better" your park.

    The game also features a rarer form of currency, in stacks of paper money, which can be used to skip long waits on buildings and dino-pens and build them instantly. The money is however very rare, usually earned through missions or earning levels, and is designed to be bought with real money.

    Dinosaurs in the game:

    • Triceratops
    • Dilophosaurus
    • Velociraptor
    • Pteranodon (through special currency only)
    • Ceratosaurus
    • Pachycephalosaurus
    • Baryonyx
    • Carcharodontosaurus
    • Ankylosaurus
    • Parasaurolophus
    • Brontosaurus (through special currency only)
    • Comsognathus
    • Brachiosaurus
    • Spinosaurus
    • Gallimimus
    • Stegosaurus
    • Dunkleosteus (underwater only)
    • Ammonite (underwater only)
    • Kronosaurus (underwater only)

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