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 Whenever I turn on my computer, it launches the Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis configuration utility. I tried going into msconfig, but I couldn't find the utility under start-up or under services. Please help, I don't want it to launch at start-up.

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Have you tried the Startup entries in the Start menu? It might also be listed in the registry under:
 If you can find out what the program name is (task manager may be able to help) there may be an entry with the utility name listed.  (Make sure you get the right one )
You need to use Regedit and for example, here if I wanted to stop the Logitech SetPoint Software running on startup, but didn't want to deinstall I could just delete the EvtMgr6 key by right clicking and deleting it.
If you're not sure about this then I suggest you ask for help, because it is possible to harm your OS with this tool. 
Edit: just realised that msconfig lists the registry entries, it's been a while since I used it. Still, the information's there if you ever needed it.

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