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A simple, excellent sim game.

I have owned this game for many years, and I have logged so many hours into this game that I can't remember the first time I played it. The game may seem simple to some, but if you truly "get it" when you play it, you will agree with me that this is the best sim game ever. 

There is a sense of wonder while you are playing this that this game is special. When you are building a park from scratch (which doesn't take long; it is streamlined and very intuitive) you feel amazed when you first see dinsaurs emerge from the habituary, and seeing a T-Rex go on a rampage through its cage and eventually tearing up guest is truly terrifying and hilarious at the same time. 

The game also boasts a remarkable score, with much of John William's music accompanying the various effects your island is undergoing. The dinosaurs also sound and look realistic. While a far cry (no pun intended) from the games of this generation such as Gears of War, even Halo and, I'm sorry I can't resist, Far Cry, it was one of the best looking games of its time, and is certainly not ugly by any means today. 

All in all, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis is as good if not better than the Sims and Roller Coaster Tycoon. While it is not as deep as those offerings, it certainly shows new ideas and the dinosaurs really are awesome to breed and watch over. Not many games on consoles offer this much value, and if you get hooked onto this game, it will be hard for you to stop.

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