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So, I just finished Jurassic Park: The Game. Now, I can appreciate a Quick Time Event from time to time, but when the game is pretty much nothing but you tapping buttons at the correct time, it gets old. Fast.
The story takes place during the first movie, and starts after Nedry's death (the canister he had is integral to the game). You play a ton of different characters as they try to survive and escape from Isla Nublar. There's drama, intrigue, betrayal and you get to do a bunch of QTE's... actually, you get to do almost nothing but QTE's. Climb a ladder? QTE. Run from a dinosaur? QTE. Walk up a hill? Yep, QTE. Think Heavy Rain and multiply that by 10. You occasionally take a break from pressing buttons and investigate an area or solve one of the very few (and easy) puzzles the game throws at you. And of course, some of them have QTE's too. In general, the QTE's are pretty forgiving. You can miss a few button presses, but eventually the game will decide to kill you. Then you get to start over, which is kind of annoying after 2 or 3 times. The gameplay isn't really memorable.
What is memorable though, are the deaths. You will die. Several times. And some of those deaths are messed up. Being torn apart by a Raptor? Yep. Crushed by a stegosaurus? Of course. Seeing a 14 year old girl getting swallowed by a T-Rex? Yeah, that happens. There's barely any blood though, so the deaths aren't really gory. Still, several of them will make you cringe. 
The sound design? It's kinda good. The main theme is played several times in various forms throughout the game, and I still get goosebumps every time I hear it. The T-Rex still has its mighty roar, though it lacks power in my headset. I imagine that with a good subwoofer the roar can make your room shake. The voice acting is in general pretty good. Nothing memorable, but nothing glaring either. Unfortunately, some of the dialogue is occasionally interrupted, due to some poor scripting. Beyond that though, I've got no complaints.
All in all, I don't think I would recommend this game. Unless you really love QTE's, then it's awesome. The story is fine I guess, but there aren't really any twists or surprises. Puzzles are few and far between and are incredibly easy. To compare, Jurassic Park has fewer puzzles than the BTTF game, which barely had any.
This game is 30 bucks. I'm guessing it's the same on consoles. It's divided into 4 episodes, but unlike previous Telltale games, you get all of them now. And each episode is designed by different people, which seems kind of weird. None of them are very good unfortunately. Oh well, back to Skyrim.

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I played episode one last night and episode two just now. Last night I was continually impressed by the sound design. The swelling of music and the mighty dinosaur roars did shake my room and it felt great. It really added to the experience. Tonight my girlfriend was busy with something (our computers are side-by-side on one long desk) and so I had my headphones on. It loses a lot when the T-Rex roars and I can't feel the floor vibrating under me feet.

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