Activsion wants to kill this game?

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Announced 2.5 weeks before launch (November 3rd); 1 week before CoD:MW2.
Not in Activision's own website database.
WTF? I can't even find who the developer is.

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#2 Posted by MrMuise (231 posts) -

Activision is most likely pushing it out to try and make some money off of it. It's a budget title that was originally being made for ps2 and wii which most likely was an easy port to make some extra cash with. I'll give it four stinky farts out of five because dinosaurs give it one point of freshness. 
My stinky fart scale assumes all games suck and they must cover up their stench with freshness.

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#3 Posted by Hamz (6899 posts) -

Seriously we need a game involving dinosaurs that just lets the player control a dinosaur itself instead of this bogus "you got warped back in time to the age of dinosaurs, luckily you brought a machine gun, have fun!" type of games.
I want to be a fucking T-Rex god dammit!

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#4 Posted by Th3dz (348 posts) -

This looks soo baaad, I just feel bad for the developers who probably have worked their ass of a sick deadline for this title...

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#5 Posted by Insectecutor (1242 posts) -
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#6 Posted by Mike (17288 posts) -

Look everyone, it's Turok! Oh wait...

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#7 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

Definitely a poor man's Turok. 
Still, why is there such a lack of dinosaur games on today's consoles?  Last I checked, dinosaurs are still awesome.
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#8 Posted by Bigandtasty (3145 posts) -
@Hamz said:

"I want to be a fucking T-Rex god dammit! "

It is done.
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#9 Posted by Babble (1276 posts) -

Was it really just announced  two and half weeks ago? That's crazy.

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#10 Posted by Bucketdeth (8252 posts) -


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#11 Posted by Shadowsquire (374 posts) -

What they should do is remake Trespasser the way it was originally intended to be. 

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#12 Posted by erinfizz (1065 posts) -

Activision's website sucks hard. Unless a title is part of a huge core franchise, it often won't be listed. Plus, all that flash is annoying.

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#13 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14683 posts) -

It looks like Turok but crappy. The fact that it was just announced shows that it is very much destined for a straight to bargain bin life.

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#14 Posted by Red (6146 posts) -

Psh, it's not annualizable so of course Activision would cancel it.

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#15 Posted by copycatzen (819 posts) -

for the sake of the dinosaurs i may buy it
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#16 Posted by parrot_of_adun (30 posts) -
@Necrorrilla said:
"WTF? I can't even find who the developer is."

Whenever Activision publishes a Cauldron game, they just take the credit in the US.
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#17 Posted by capt_ventris (658 posts) -

Have you guys seen the QE ? Oh my

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#18 Posted by AjayRaz (12803 posts) -


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#19 Posted by L33tfella_H (925 posts) -
@Shadowsquire said:
" What they should do is remake Trespasser the way it was originally intended to be.  "
would be nice. Although i remember someone was making a Trespasser mod for Crysis (wonder how that's doing?).
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#20 Posted by Codariocalyx (63 posts) -
Sooo late but yeah its been done

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