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Adios Amigo

Wait... Just Cause 2? Since when was there a Just Cause 1? I can tell you that back in the early days when i didn't have a 360 Just Cause was one of the first games out for the Box and it was a massive hit. So is Just Cause 2 (The sequel if you don't know what 2 means) good enough to beat Just Cause 1 (That's the 1st one). 
Hell yeah! Just Cause 2 is one of the most time consuming games you'll ever play and that is not a negative. This is a world with tons to do in it, eg. Story missions (although theres only seven), Faction missions (49 of them, spelt forty - nine), Stronghold takeovers (9) and so many races i couldn't keep count! Your thinking if theres so many races then surely i will get bored just like i did on PGR4. Well... Your wrong, 2 reasons: The world on Just Cause 2 is SO BIG that you will never race in the same place, theres so much different environments like the forest, the city's, even the dishes! "I never thought doing the dishes would be so much fun". Second reason, You won't be in a car in every race, you can go in boats, planes, (By the way, the hard races are best done with a fast helicopter, hint of the day!) Quadbikes, motorbikes, tractors. So much vehicles it'll blow your mind! 

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I want to go into more depth about the story missions. You are a "Scorpio" named Rico Rodriguez and has come to Panau Island to find a guy... Won't tell you his name, not because i forgot of course, wanted to keep it a surprise for you. Anyway you have to cause chaos to unlock story missions, by chaos i mean blowing up petrol (gas) stations, water towers and the like. There are only seven story missions but it's ok as they take a long time to unlock and when you get around to playing them they'll probably last around 30-40 mins. Where as faction missions take about 5 minutes. So don't be so smug you chubby little girl. IT WILL TAKE A LONG TIME. Just to prove it i have a fact: Once i had completed all the Faction missions, story missions and stronghold takeovers i was only about 35% complete. 
Yes, this game will take forever to 100% it. 
There is no multi-player which is a bit of a let down, I could see myself free-roaming in a limo while some online noob comes along in his green tractor and owns me. It would work, but it's not there. Although there is plenty of Downloadable content, some are very cool like a  nitrous parachute and a rocket launcher that launchers 4 rockets at a time. But for the price, i wouldn't recommend the DLC. 
Overall Just Cause 2 is a stunning game that looks terrific and has so much to do that you can't get bored of it. It would be good with multi-player and should have more story missions, but with the amount of stuff in the game like weapons and vehicles make up for it. 4.5 out 5 me thinks. 
The Good: 
Stunning World. 
Story Missions Great Fun. 
Content Is HUGE. 
The Bad: 
Lip-Syncing In Cutscenes Can Be Terrible. 
Multiplayer? No, oh ok then. =(

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