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More fun than good

THE GOOD: The open-world is absolutely huge and ready for you to destroy. The grapple and parachute are very unique and make getting around fun. There are bazillions of collectables and power ups. And every last inch of the world is packed with explosives; causing chaos, death, and destruction is just plain fun. THE BAD: The story, the writing, and especially the voice acting, are utterly horrible (thankfully you can skip the cut scenes). There is an over-abundance of enemies in the game, and once you've killed enough of them, there becomes an almost endlessly replenishing supply of more enemies. This fact, combined with the fact that ammo is severely limited in the game, means that you'll most likely end up using turrets to kill enemies instead of experimenting with the other weapons. CONCLUSION: Just Cause 2 is fun for about 15 hours, and there are the makings of a truly great game hidden in there somewhere. However, the game is its own worst enemy. There is a long and involved story, but the cutscenes are so awful that you won't want to watch them. The world is absolutely huge, but you'll tire of exploring before you've even discovered all the towns and villages. There are a good variety of weapons and vehicles, but there are so many enemies that none of your vehicles will last long, and you'll run out of ammo on all your guns. But, hey! It really is super fun for about 15 hours.

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