Just Cause 3 is Free On PS+ This Month

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A bit late but figured I'd mention this; load times seem relatively short and are generally infrequent if you don't die much. As far as the framerate there's a couple spots on the map like the big city where it dips a lot; elsewhere it's relatively stable even with a lot of bedlam going on. I've really enjoyed my time with it to this point; very relaxing game and it is possible to blow up everything within a semi-reasonable amount of time. Also it looks really nice.

You too can do ridiculous shit like this:

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Despite thinking Just Cause 2 was a ton of fun, I was waiting to get this because I heard the performance at launch was so poor. I'm happy it's better now, and made sure to get it while it was free.

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Having a bunch of fun with this too :-)

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Does the game still run like garbage on PS4? I heard initially it was pretty bad during more intense explosion filled scenes - and thisnid a game centered around explosions.

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It's still great fun to navigate the beautiful open world, and Avalanche is the absolute best at video game explosions.

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That's about the right price for this game. Fun to fuck around in for sure but god that story was bad.

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Just Cause 2 was a great PS+ game that I didn't get very far in but blew up a lot of things and collected a lot of things and I'm sure Just Cause 3 will be the same.

Seriously, I probably put 10 hours into JC2 and didn't finish more than eight or nine story missions. I had a ton of bases and a ton of guns though.

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#8 Posted by SarcasticMudcrab (369 posts) -

@humanity: it has it's moments but it's not too bad, it's also definitely not a smooth 60fps experience.

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yeah but where's knack

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