So this is out next week

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Is anyone looking forward to it? I dumped hundreds of hours into 2, and played through 3 but my experience was marred by the performance issues, and the barren wasteland.

I'll still pick this one up tho.

For those worried about performance, Digital Foundry of course have an early look at the game and word is the devs are aware of how bad the last game's performance was and are looking to do much better.

Also, I'm not sure if it's the anti-aliasing, or textures, but even at 4K the DF footage looks super muddy.

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I liked Just Cause 2 and played through Just Cause 3 earlier this year, so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna play it at some point. But I got a bit tired of JC3 by the end. You do a lot of the same stuff in that game, and while they try some different challenges for variety's sake, By the end I was just tired of it. Especially hunting for that last bit of destructible scenery on a big base. I think it's overall an improvement on JC2, certainly in the storytelling department. They actually had some decent cutscenes and characters this time around, and Rico was cute as this local folk hero with childhood buddies. But it just didn't have the same impact on me as 2.

Glad they're trying to help the performance tho, it wasn't exactly ideal.

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I actually traded JC3 in because its performance on PS4 was abysmal. It's good that they acknowledge that and are actively looking to avoid that this time. I like what I've seen of the game so far, but then again I also liked what I saw of JC3 and, performance issues aside, I did not care for the way that game was structured at all. If it's good enough, I'll probably play JC4 eventually but I ain't rushing out to get it.

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Curious how this will be handled for GOTY talks. Is it too late?

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They're doing GOTY talks now, so JC4 can't possibly be considered. I'd be surprised if most of them had time to try Smash even really.

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It feels like a weird time of year for this game. Most people are either playing the really big recent releases or have picked up deals on stuff they missed earlier in the year. I’ll probably play it at some point but if they wanted people to pay attention they probably should have held it until a quiet period in the new year (of course maybe that’s easier said than done from a business standpoint)

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I'm cautiously optimistic to be honest.

I LOVED Just Cause 2 and played it to completion. I was excited for JC3, but bounced off it pretty quick. The controls felt sort of loose and the gameplay loop just wasn't as concise for me. Hoping that JC4 is a return to how 2 played.

If I'm not mistaken though, isn't this a different development team from within Avalanche? I could be misremembering though.

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This comes out next week?? I didn't see any marketing for this game AND it's coming out in December?

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I ain't got time for this, and I didn't end up playing that much of JC3 anyhow. There's just too many good (and long) games stacked up at the end of this year for me to consider this.

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I had heard, and I'm sure I could look this up quite easily but I'll risk possibly being wrong instead, that the team that did JC2 was mostly busy on Mad Max while JC3 was a different group. I'd like to think that's true, in that it would explain a lot about the third game and would give me a reason to feel excited for this one.

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Unless this ends up being a sleeper hit on the level of Shadow of Mordor, I think I can easily wait, especially after JC3 ended up being a disappointment.

If it’s decent fun though...well, I’m still going to wait, because I already have so many games to play as it is. I trust that this’ll be in the bargain bin by christmas in any case.

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JC3 was a disaster so I'm going to wait for a full DF breakdown

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I'm sure this will be something that I play eventually. I enjoyed 2 immensely and did mostly skip 3, so I am on board with another Just Cause. That being said, I have way too many games to play and complete before I get it. Its not *SO ANTICIPATED* that I need it now. I'll probably pick it up on sale half way through next year.

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I'll buy it if general consensus says it's better than 3. 3 has its good points but it was missing something.

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I'm hoping to hear good things about it. JC3 gave me like 10 fun hours of destruction while listening to podcasts. So the reaction to this game will determine how long and how big of a sale I wait for. My buddy is super stoked for it though and is getting it day one; he platinumed 3.

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I may pick this up.

I was super let down by RDR2 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. What I thought was going to be a nice little Fall season for gaming ended up being quite the let down unfortunately. Maybe this one will be a sleeper hit?

Here's to hoping Q1 '19 is as awesome as it looks. I'm desperate for a new game to really grab me. God of War was the only new release that year that really impressed me.

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I wanted to topple every statue I saw in real life after playing JC2. Loved that game... what a bonkers ending.

Didn't finish JC3.

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This looks pretty amazing but I'm going to reserve judgement until I see the console versions.

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oh. i totally forgot they were makin a just cause 4. didn't get too deep into jc3, but enjoyed 2 and 1. might give this a shot down the road, but on PC, not consoles. playing 3 with a controller wasn't great, and the performance issues only made it that much more unpleasant.

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I really enjoyed JC3 on the PC! it certainly wasn't as good as 2 but it still had the mindless action that I was hoping for.

I'm hoping to hear good things about it. JC3 gave me like 10 fun hours of destruction while listening to podcasts.

I played through the whole game but with a bad netflix tv show I wanted to power through.

Definitely recommended.

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Game Informer have an interview with director Francesco Antolini. Haven't had a chance to listen just yet but here you go!

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The mission design in 3 was abysmal to say the least, I hope this shapes up better in that department. They could also improve the shooting as it feels really weird due to the auto targeting nature of it all.

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I always wanted to like these but the reality of it is that an island is a bunch of empty jungle that looks exactly the same, punctuated by cities. The geography was always just a little too boring for me - it doesn't really look like they are shaking things up in that regard.

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Except for IGN, I haven't heard of any of these sites, which might say something about this game's marketing or whatever.

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I still play JC3 from time to time, love just flying around that beautiful landscape, really cathartic for me despite the frame drops (that sort of stuff rarely bothers me tbh).

Not sure I need another one but I'll probably get it down the line, the lack of marketing seems strange...

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Avoid the PC version, a lot of people, myself included are having weird graphical problems. It looks bizarre, I'll see about adding screenshots.

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@shivermetimbers: I’ve been playing the game on Xbox one X today and I’ve just put the game on eBay to hopefully get my money back. The game looks awful.

I’d seen people complaining about the visuals on Reddit but I just assumed people were blowing it out of proportion...they were not. It’s definitely one of the worst looking games I’ve seen this generation, it looks like a bad 360 game.

Visuals aside, I got to the end of the first real mission and couldn’t finish it because the game glitched and wouldn’t register that I had gotten the truck I was supposed to escort to its destination.

I didn’t play the game for very long before giving up but I would avoid this game.

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Yup, the game also refuses to save progress for me. Tempted to refund it.

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I didn't want to mention anything about the graphics (other than the first post where I call out their seemingly low quality) since I was playing the 24h early access version.

But yeah, graphical glitches in shadows (on characters in cutscenes, not even in far-away objects while flying around), geometry / textures that look straight outta N64, bad AA, Rico's head is sometimes dithered/transparent.

I haven't had any save game issues, or weirdness when completing missions. I even messed one up at the end but it still completed.

This is on PC btw.

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@mikewhy: I had a weird lighting bug right after the opining that caused Rico’s hair to turn gold if he was facing the sun.

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I got burned pretty bad by JC3 so I think I'll wait a fair bit on this one. Especially hearing about the PC issues

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