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    Just Dance

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 17, 2009

    A rhythm game for the Nintendo Wii.

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    Just Dance is a party game by Ubisoft that requires players to follow on-screen prompts and a professional dancer in order to score points. It features highly stylised, rotoscoped graphics. Despite the obvious suggestion of the title, it does not actually contain the Lady GaGa song "Just Dance".


    Just Dance offers 32 song for the players to dance on. These songs are:

    • Acceptable in the 80's – Calvin Harris
    • A Little Less Conversation (JXL Remix) – Elvis Presley Vs. JXL
    • Bebe – Divine Brown
    • Can't Get You Out of My Head – Kylie Minogue
    • Cotton Eye Joe – Rednex
    • Hot n' Cold (Chick Radio Mix) – Katy Perry*
    • Dare – Gorillaz
    • Eye of the Tiger (theme from Rocky) – Survivor
    • Fame – In the style of Irene Cara (cover)
    • Funplex CSS – The B-52's
    • Girls and Boys – Blur
    • Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Cindi Lauper
    • Groove is in the Heart – Dee-Lite
    • Heart of Glass – Blondie
    • I Get Around – The Beach Boys
    • I Like to Move it – Reel To Real
    • Jerk it Out – Caesars
    • Jin Go Lo Ba – Fat Boy Slim
    • Kids in America – Kim Wilde
    • Le Freak – Chic
    • Louie Louie – Iggy Pop
    • Lump – The Presidents of the United States of America
    • Mashed Potato Time – Dee Dee Sharp
    • Pump up the Jam – Technotronic
    • Ring My Bell – Anita Ward
    • Step by Step – New Kids On The Block
    • Surfin' Bird – The Trashmen
    • That's the Way (I Like it) – K.C. & The Sunshine Band
    • U Can't Touch This – MC Hammer
    • Wannabe – Spice Girls
    • Who Let the Dogs Out? – Baha Men
    • Womanizer – In the style of Britney Spears (cover)

      * This version of Hot N' Cold is a radio edit which replaces the minor swear word "Bitch" with "Chick"

    Critical Reception

    The reception for Just Dance has been fairly negative with some reviewers stating that the cover tracks in the game are mediocre and the presentation of the game being "simple, plain & uninspiring". The setlist has also been subject to criticism, with most of the songs not even fitting the party dancing feeling the game attempts to create, with song such as "Dare", "Who Let The Dogs Out?" & "Eye Of The Tiger" not really songs one would dance to. The game has been put under the microscope by dancers and choreographers and they found the dances to be simple but not always fitting to the songs.


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