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As the direct descendant and grandson of Simon Belmont, Juste Belmont is among the most powerful members of his clan. Gifted with great magic abilities thanks to his heritage, Juste is able to combine and create many of the attacks his descendants will rely in the future.

In Harmony of Dissonance

50 years after the events of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Juste Belmont is now the wielder of the Vampire Killer, after his friend Maxim Kishine returns from a 2 year trip baldly wounded he informs Juste that their childhood friend Lydie Erlanger has been kidnap. As the two make their way into a mysterious castle, Juste is force to leave Maxim behind as his wounds are still to great to . Making his way trough many enemies Juste is task to once again collect Dracula's remains, by doing so he begins to unravel the reasons behing the Lydie's kidnap, the appearance of the and Maxim strange behavior. After collecting all the remains and confronting Maxim at the heart of the castle the truth is reveal. In the 2 years Maxim spent away he decided to collect Draculas remains to destroy the count once more, this way proving he was a better than Juste, however Dracula's spirit took control of Maxim body in order to seek revenge against the Belmont clan. After a short battle Juste uses the count's remains to force his spirit out of Maxim's body, once the count regains a physical from Juste is able to destroy him for good. He escapes the crumbling castle along with Lydie and Maxim.

Other Appearances

Juste makes a cameo appearance in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, as one of the 5 summon Belmont in the Dual Crush attack "The Greatest Five".

Juste in Portrait of Ruin.
Juste in Portrait of Ruin.

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