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JWP Joshi Pro Wrestling: Pure Wrestle Queens is a wrestling game exclusive for the Super Famicom. The player can assume the role of twelve wrestlers from the 1994 roster of the Joshi Pro Wrestling (JWP) circuit: an all-female wrestling promotion that began in 1992. The game features a competition mode, a versus mode and a five-woman Battle Royale.

Wrestler Roster

  • Dynamite Kansai - 173cm, 80kg
    Special move: Splash Mountain
  • Devil Masami - 168cm, 70kg
    Special move: Power bomb
  • Cutie Suzuki - 155cm, 55kg
    Special move: Dragon sleeper hold
  • Mayumi Ozaki - 155cm, 54kg
    Special move: Tequila Sunrise
  • Plum Mariko - 158cm, 56kg
    Special move: Fish Stretch Sleeper
  • Hikari Fukuoka - 160cm, 65kg
    Special move: Guruguru Punch
  • Bolshoi Kid - 150cm, 50kg
    Special move: Moonsault press
  • Command Bolshoi - 150cm, 50kg
    Special move: Moonsault press
    (Bolshoi Kid & Command Bolshoi are the same person)
  • Sumiyo Toyama - 160cm, 65kg
    Special move: Kawazuotoshi (called Russian leg sweep in the West)
  • Candy Okutsu - 156cm, 57kg
    Special move: Rolling German suplex
  • Fusayo Nouchi - 158cm, 68kg
    Special move: Drop kick
  • Hiromi Yagi - 152cm, 53kg
    Special move: Ipponseoi (one-armed shoulder throw)
  • Hiromi Sugo - 160cm, 63kg
    Special move: Drop kick

Hidden wrestlers:

  • Red Kansai
  • Super Heel Devil Masami

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