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    K2 is a subsidiary of Capcom, best known for their work on the Tenchu series during the PS2-era.

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    History and Acquisition by Capcom

    K2 LLC was founded by ex-SNK and ex-Square staff members on August 4, 2000. They released their first game in 2003: Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven for the PS2. They released several titles over the years on the PSP, PS2, and Xbox 360 platforms.

    On May 1, 2008 they were officially acquired by Capcom to be a wholly-owned subsidiary through an exchange of stock ( reference). This agreement between the two companies was signed on March 28, 2008. Capcom and K2 had a working relationship prior to the stock transfer. At the time of the transfer, the company was based in Osaka, Japan and employed 60 people, with Mitsuo Kodama as the "Representative Director" and 100% owner of the company. Capcom listed the following as the "purpose" of this arrangement:

    "Upgrading development activities, which is the core competence of Capcom, is essential to the successful execution of the company's growth strategy. K2 has a proven record as a reliable provider of game development services for Capcom. By making this company a wholly owned subsidiary, Capcom plans to make its game development activities more efficient and speedy. Capcom also believes that pursuing a business strategy based on closer ties with K2 will help increase the value of the entire Capcom Group. "

    Capcom listed the following as their outlook in the press release announcing this information:

    "Capcom believes that making K2 a consolidated subsidiary will make it possible to allocate development resources more efficiently in response to shifts in market conditions. This is expected to facilitate the strategic development of software and create synergies. As a result, Capcom believes this exchange of stock will help improve customer satisfaction and make the company even more competitive."

    Financial Information

    At the time of the transfer of stock to Capcom, K2 had 515 million yen in assets. The most recent fiscal year information (FY 2007) listed 311 million yen in sales and 11 million yen in net profit. This compares to 331 million yen in sales and 4 million yen in net profit the previous year.

    Game Credits

    K2 is listed as the developer for the following releases:

    K2 is listed as the publisher for the following release:


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