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    K9999 is a character from the KOF series. He was a significant character in the NESTS saga. K9999 resurfaced after a 20 year absence in the canon as Khronen McDougall in The King of Fighters XV.

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    K9999 is a clone from Kyo Kusanagi's DNA.

    Due to his (apparently too close) resemblance to Tetsuo Shima (even sharing the same voice actor), he was replaced by Nameless in The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match. He, however, remains in the unaltered version of KoF 2002 that is included with Unlimited Match.

    K9999 as
    K9999 as "Khronen"

    In KOF XV, K9999 returns after a long absence, but has changed his appearance and taken on the name Khronen McDougall to evade surveillance from what's left of NESTS. He leads a team in the latest tournament with Angel and Kula as his allies.


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