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Overview & Story

Kaeli is a young woman from Forestia, a town nestled inside a forest. She cares deeply for the health of the surrounding trees and wildlife and assists Benjamin in passing through the nearby Level Forest. After handing him an axe and demonstrating how to chop down the dead trees obstructing their path, she is attacked by a minotaur zombie and spends the rest of the first half of the game bedridden.

Benjamin searches the Bone Dungeon with Tristam for an antidote to cure Kaeli known as the Elixir, which he recovers and gets back to Kaeli in time. Though on the road to recovery, she is still too weak to go check up on her father Captain Mac in Aquaria, so Benjamin goes in her place.

Much later in the game, Kaeli is back on her feet and assists Benjamin by talking with the Giant Tree in the middle of Alive Forest. She helps him clear the Giant Tree of enemies and joins him in reaching the town of Windia. She then assists him in defeating Pazuzu of the Vile Four and recovering Captain Mac's ship, at which point she leaves the party to watch over her father while he recuperates.

Kaeli is seen in the ending, seeing Benjamin off as he sets sail on her father's ship (which was given to him as thanks).

In the Japanese version, her name is Karen. Presumably it was changed for the western releases to sound more exotic.

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