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    Kaesora was a massive temple built by the Iksar during the height of the Iksar Empire of old.

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    Kaesora was once a great temple for the Iksar Empire of old. Five towers had been built here, known as the Five Towers of Teraaz, and circled the base of the temple. By the Age of Turmoil, only four remain, and only the tops of those remain visible, as much of the temple has sunk into the wasteland known as the Field of Bone. The ruins of the former temple are still accessible, but they are now inhabited by a powerful sarnak vampire lord and his legion of minions. His name is Xalgoz, and he has taken the temple as his own shrine. The twisting hallways of Kaesora are full of traps and points of no return. Not far from the main entrance is a large library full of Iksar and Kunark history. If it weren't for the undead roaming throughout the halls, much could be learned from its countless tomes. The ruined buildings and other structures within Kaesora give hints of their former beauty. Xalgoz himself can be found in the deepest depths of the temple, where he constantly studies ancient texts to increase his already vast knowledge of the arcane arts. Here he continues to summon the undead, amassing an army to rival any force that Kunark has to offer. It is rumored that he has formed an alliance with Venril Sathir, the Iksar lich king of Karnor's Castle. An army of their combined might could threaten more than just the continent of Kunark.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Horde of Xalgoz
    • Venril Sathir


    Notable NPCs

    • Failed Crypt Raider
    • Frenzied Strathbone
    • Guardian of Xalgoz
    • Hungered Ravener
    • Minion of Xalgoz
    • Reaver of Xalgoz
    • Spectral Librarian
    • Strathbone Runelord
    • Tortured Librarian
    • Warder of Xalgoz
    • Xalgoz

    Notable Items

    • Blade of Fiery Lamentations
    • Blade of Xalgoz
    • Cryptrobber's Knife
    • Dagger of Frost
    • Deathwatch Sword
    • Dusty Ransacker's Pack
    • Icy Blade
    • Kunzar Cloak
    • Kunzar Mantle
    • Kylong War Dagger
    • Luminary Two Handed Sword
    • Rod of Battle
    • Sage's Battle Staff
    • Shield of Spectral Essence
    • Spear of Mortification
    • Spectral Shroud
    • Spine Piercer
    • Spirit Tome
    • Strathbone Shell Shield
    • Tombcarver
    • Truesilver Mail Coif
    • Truesilver Mail Gloves
    • Truesilver Mail Pants
    • Truesilver Mail Shirt
    • Truesilver Mail Sleeves
    • Xalgozian Fang

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