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    Kaim Argonar

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    Main protagonist in the game Lost Odyssey. Kaim is an immortal who has lived for more than a thousand years but has lost his memories.

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    Kaim is an immortal character from Lost Odyssey who recalls nothing from the thousand years he has been living. Kaim, being part of a five person investigation team, was sent from another world to study the magic energy flowing between the two realms. Kaim came to the world of Lost Odyssey through the Tower of Mirrors, a giant magical staff (similar to Grand Staff) with portals linking the two worlds together. Because of the different axis of time flow and his spirit being linked to his home world, Kaim does not age nor can he be killed. Initially, Kaim is anti-social and mysterious, he also seems unhappy to be burdened in a life he can't lose.  


    The English voice track for Kaim was performed by Keith Ferguson, who also did the voice of Basch in Final Fantasy XII which Kaim's voice is very similar to.

    Etsushi Toyokawa who is a respected Japanese actor was the Japanese voice actor for Kaim. 


    [Warning: Major Plot Spoilers]

    Early Life

    As Kaim is not from the world experienced in Lost Odyssey nothing is known about his early life.

    Life in Lost Odyssey

    Kaim's early life is largely unexplored. The only thing known about his early life is he awoke to a naked body at the base of the Tower of Mirrors, presumably becoming a vagrant thereafter, until he joined the Uhran army.  

    When first playable Kaim is a lieutenant in the Uhran army who experiences terrifying dreams which he doesn't understand. The dreams that he experiences are described as very painful and Kaim doesn't know weather they are memories or just bad dreams.
    During the last decades of the first thousand years of Kaim's life, Kaim and another immortal, Sarah, were married and had a child named Lirum who they raised until she was around 8 or 9 (actual age is unknown). At first Kaim experiences terrifying dreams relating to Lirum and her supposed death as a child. Lirum is seen (in Kaim's dream) falling of a cliff just before Kaim can reach her, but it is later revealed that Lirum did not perish from the fall.
    Decades later during an unexpected visit to Numara Kaim discovers Lirum is still alive but dieing from a fatal illness. Seeing Lirum for the first time since he lost his memories, Kaim recalls what happened decades ago when he thought Lirum had died. Gongora, a fellow immortal and Uhra council member took Lirum away and sealed Kaim's memories in a larger plot which only the immortals could stop.
    After Kaim and Lirum are reunited for the last time Lirum passes away and leaves her two Children, Cooke, and Mack is his care. Now knowing the truth and the existence of Sarah, Kaim swears to find Gongora and make him answer for what he had done, and to also find where Sarah had gone, to tell her about Lirum and their two grandchildren. 
    On returning to his previous home Kaim finds Sarah, but also discovers she has been cursed by her own magic, turning her into a confused sorceress. Sarah is demented and tortures herself in the belief that it was her fault that Lirum died. With failed attempts by Kaim and the party to reach Sarah, Cooke and Mack sing a poem which was sung to them as children, breaking the seal on Sarah. Sarah, now fully aware, is reunited with Kaim and he tells her about Lirum, Cooke, and Mack. Still with no memory, Sarah realizes that Kaim is her husband, but not from memory, instead from a journal that she kept throughout her life. Sarah recorded information about events and people herself and Kaim met in the past.  
    On confronting Gongora for the first time at Experimental Staff, a giant staff previously built for testing, Kaim and the others are defeated and Gongora escapes and initiates the self destruct sequence for the staff.                        

    Later in the story, once Gongora had been defeated, Kaim settles down with Sarah and their two grandchildren to live a more peaceful life. 

    Only certain parts of Kaim's thousand year life is shown throughout the game and the order of these events is also uncertain.

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