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Kakuzu Overview

Kakuzu is a member/Accountant of Akatsuki and partner of Hidan , Kakuzu is from Takigakure, the Village Hidden in a Waterfall. Kakuzu is a very powerful shinobi, he posses five hearts which allow him to posses five lives. Kakuzu is able to replace these hearts if they are destroyed by removing them from a defeated opponent. Kakuzu is also able to use his hearts as weapons, the heart can be released from his body and take control of the string and build a body to use to fight with. Each one of his hearts has a different chakra element. Kakuzu has some very strange techniques, the weirdest of them all is that his body is made up of a string that can expand across a long distance by his chakra. Another technique is that he is able to shield his body from any attack if he is able too.


A monkey like mask with red lips that can form a body out of Kakuzu's string, for this technique to work the monster must use one of kakuzu's hearts. It is able to burst out fire element attacks pretty much  an unlimited amount of times, the tip of this technique is when it fuses it's attack with his wind based monster.


Using a bull like mask this monster is the same as the rest using Kakuzu's string to form a body to use. It can release lighting bolt's at an unlimited pace.


An eagle styled mask that has a four legged body with wings, it releases huge tornado style attacks at an unlimited pace. Fusing its technique with the fire makes it almost unstoppable.


Kakuzu can use water style jutsu.

Other Techniques

Kakuzu can use his string to shoot out limbs off his body to attack enemies,  Kakuzus ultimate attack is to use the string with his body and form large objects that cab allow him to fly for example.

Kakuzu plus his hearts in released form.
Kakuzu plus his hearts in released form.

Kakuzu is heavily injured from Naruto Uzumaki and his wind chakra based RasenShuriken, he is finally finished by Kakashi with a Chidori.

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