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Kamen Rider is a beat 'em up developed by Sun L and published by Bandai for the Super Famicom platform. It is based on the Kamen Rider tokusatsu TV show, specifically the very first incarnation which ran between 1971-1973. The player assumes the role of Takeshi Hongo, the first Kamen Rider, as he fights through the minions and kaijin (human-sized kaiju) of the evil organization Shocker in a series of brawler stages not unlike Final Fight or Double Dragon.

The game can also be played co-operatively with a second player who plays as Hayato Ichimoto: the second Kamen Rider. At any time the two players can transform into their Kamen Rider personas, necessary for delivering the final blows on bosses.

Kamen Rider was only released on the Super Famicom in Japan.

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