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The giant form of Kanbe.
The giant form of Kanbe.

In Ninja Blade Kanbe Ogawa is the leader of an anti-monster squad and father of the game's hero - Ken, whom he nearly mortaly wounds at the end of the first chapter. As the story progresses it turns out that Kanbe got infected by the virus on purpose in order to locate the very source of evil. The last two chapters of Ninja Blade are entirely devoted to the epic struggle between Kanbe and Ken. Level eight takes place at the Tokyo tower, where Ken after a long battle defeats the human form of Kanbe at the top of the tower. After that Ogawa senior is transformed into a gigantic colossus that causes havoc in the city of Tokyo. In the last level of the game Ken ultimately defeats the mutated Kanbe by weakening the giant and going inside it to battle his father for the last time. After a glorious victory Ken succesfully escapes and the players watch as the gigantic statue of Kanbe Ogawa falls apart.

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