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Brutal, Bloody and Just Plain freaking awesome

If you're like me you've  heard someone tell you "Life could be so much worse". Well that line couldn't fit the sequel to Dead Men any better. In Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, the hellish and downright broken duo are back for one deal and as usual it goes bad. The story is seen through the eyes of James Seth Lynch as opposed to Adam "Kane" Marcus as the story's main focus. Picking up years after the events of Dead Men, Lynch has adjusted to life in Shanghai and Kane has been reduced to a disillusioned soul  taking jobs to support Jenny, his daughter. Lynch needs someone to watch his back and contacts Kane for support and so the 48 hours of hell begin. First things first, the visual style of the game is perhaps it's strongest aspect. It looks like crap but it's done so well that you cannot help but feel sucked into the game's dark and gritty world. Another thing about the game is the improved shooting and cover mechanics. This was the original's main issues but is Dog Days' greatest strength in the gameplay department. The shootouts feel intense and loud if you have surround sound, Dog Days will feel like a Michael Bay flick. Another great thing about K&L 2 is it's improve MP. With three modes, including Fragile Alliance, Undercover cop and Cops & Robbers. Now here comes the bad. 1. The campaign ends in a brief four to five hours (longer if the difficulty is higher) 2. This, like Dead Men, is meant to be brutal, bloody and downright sadistic with two protagonists that choose to do evil and heinous acts so this is a no-no for the faint of heart. 3. There are several glitches and a severe issue of freezing that pops every so often. (It's gonna get patched soon) 4.  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.

.  It isn't hard to recommend Dog Days. It's a great crime adventure with solid mechanics and a story that isn't forced feed to you. But if you're willing to overlook it's problems you will be entreated to a bloody rollercoaster ride through Shanghai.

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