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    A monstrous alien from Fictional Planet Rigel VII. He is best known making his appearances in every Treehouse of Horror episodes along with his sister Kodos.

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    Kang is a recurring character from The Simpsons and one of two main antagonists who appears in every Halloween season of Treehouse of Horror along with his sister Kodos.

    • Kang comes from a race of aliens that he was born in the Fictional Planet Rigel VII and makes his first appearance in Season 2 1990 The first Treehouse of Horror Halloween Special and invites The Simpson Family in their ship as honour guests to make their favourite meals.

    • According their book they wrote 'How to Cook Forty Humans' means they take advantage of them by making them overweight before humans can get roasted, killed and eaten by those aliens as Lisa finally reveals the truth about those monstrous aliens for how they going to eat them, means humans going are going to die. Kang and Kodos are never seen again until they make their next Season of Treehouse of Horror.


    • In the later seasons of the Halloween Special, Kang is always acting despicable, gruelling and arrogant for his evil plots wanting to take over and conquer the world and even antagonize The Simpson Family as they destroy their plots.

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