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Kanji Sono Mama Rakubiki Jiten is an electronic Japanese dictionary developed and released by Nintendo for the Japanese market. As the necessary hardware used to run it is sold separately in the form of the Nintendo DS itself, the dictionary is priced and marketed in a manner made to be competitive with more conventional dictionaries with dedicated touch screens of their own. As such, searching is done entirely using the DS' touch screen and can be used to search for terms in kanji, hiragana, katakana, or the roman alphabet. Results can be provided from Japanese to English, as well as vice-versa and natively in Japanese. Some search results for English words have sound files that provide the pronunciation for Japanese learners of the language. Some optional tools are also provided in the software, such as various quizzes, a calculator, and a  world clock. Kanji Sono Mama Rakubiki Jiten has only been released in the Japanese market and as such features an interface in only that language.

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