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"Kaptain Brawe" is the self-claimed nickname of Captain Brawurskij, the starring character in Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World. Kaptain Brawe is the captain of the starship SPS Mazslow, with his sole crew members Ensign Kralek and Rowboat (a wooden robot). Brawe is a self-centered, somewhat unintelligent (he has absolutely no idea how most of the equipment on his ship functions, leaving such details to Ensign Kralek), and very eccentric man who is absolutely convinced he is destined for fame, fortune, and glory; his nickname is pronounced "brave", which leads him to actually spell the word 'brave' with a W, as seen in the on-screen dialogue (as the game lacks voice acting) as well as substituting Ws for Vs in a handful of other words, as well as his more common tactic of replacing Cs with Ks, simply because it looks cooler.  
However, he is a good-hearted, genuinely well-intentioned man who is creative enough to always find a way to get the job done, even if it requires bending the rules from time to time (as Planetary Union law strictly prohibits Space Police officers from "digging up" graves, he goes to a cave underneath a cemetery and digs out the bottom of the grave instead), though it is noted that most of Brawurskij's infractions in the past came from efforts to save or protect the innocent. 
The actual events of A Brawe New World begin with Brawe responding to a distress call from a ship which crash landed on the planet Jama Spacea (to which he expressly orders his subordinate Kralek not to call in for backup, lest they take the glory away from him), only to run into a shady conspiracy that may have its source in the Space Police and the Planetary Union itself!

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