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    Kara no Shoujo

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jul 04, 2008

    Kara no Shoujo is a detective thriller adult visual novel developed by Innocent Grey. It was first released on July 4, 2008 in Japan and published in English by MangaGamer on June 29, 2011.

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    Kara no Shoujo, which translates to "Girl in the Shell," is an adult visual novel released in Japan on July 4, 2008, published in English on June 29, 2011, and developed by Innocent Grey.

    Reiji Tokisaka, the game's protagonist, is a World War II veteran and ex-cop who quit the Tokyo metropolitan police force following a case that ended with his fiancée murdered. A private investigator in the game's present, he is invited by his former colleague, Kyozo Uozumi, to investigate two grotesque murders reminiscent of the serial murders that claimed the life of his late fiancée.

    Soon after joining the investigation, he encounters an enigmatic schoolgirl, Toko Kuchiki, who asks him to investigate about her real self. While that request falls by the wayside as Reiji absorbs himself with solving the serial murder cases, his investigation inevitably brings him to unravel both the mystery of Toko's past and the case of the serial murders.

    Main Characters

    Reiji Tokisaka

    The player character. He is a World War II veteran and ex-cop of the Tokyo metropolitan police force. His fiancée, Yukiko, was murdered in a string of serial murders that Reiji was on the case for six years prior to the game's present, causing him to quit the force. In the game's present, he works as a private investigator and lives with his younger sister, Yukari Tokisaka.

    Uozumi Kyozo

    A Tokyo metropolitan police force detective with a sturdy build who was a long time friend of Reiji as students and as colleagues in the force. Despite Reiji leaving the police force, the two still keep in contact, with Uozumi often relying on Reiji for his deductive abilities.

    Yukari Tokisaka

    Reiji's little sister. With her old-fashioned, exceptional housekeeping abilities, she often takes care of Reiji at home and even at his office. Intelligent like her older brother, she attends the Ouba Girl's Academy, which would later become one of the primary locations for Reiji's investigation.

    Toko Kuchiki

    An enigmatic, mature girl. While both beautiful and creative, she is not satisfied with her image and does not feel like she fits in. Encountering Reiji during his investigations, she tasks him to find her real self. She is also a student at Ouba Girl's Academy.


    A skilled coroner who works closely with Reiji and Uozumi. She has been acquaintances with Reiji since his time in the police force. Despite her abilities as a coroner, Reiji and Uozumi minimize their interaction with her due to eccentric requests she makes in return for the information she provides them.

    Toko Mizuhara

    Toko Kuchiki's best friend who is obsessed with her since Toko Kuchiki treats her equally without taking into consideration Toko Mizuhara's poor background. Because Ouba Girl's Academy predominantly enrolls rich girls, Toko Kuchiki encounters much prejudice and thus suffers an inferiority complex.

    Tsuzuriko Yosomiya

    Yukari's best friend and student in Ouba Girl's Academy. Proactive and creative, she is an aspiring author who has already been published in literary magazines. Reiji, unable to pronounce her name, often calls her Tojiko.

    Kyoko Hazuki

    An old friend of Reiji and the best friend of Reiji's late fiancée, Yukiko, Kyoko owns Cafe Moon World, a place that Reiji frequents. A widow, she can sympathize with Reiji's circumstances.

    Hatsune Amemiya

    A formerly destitute young girl that once worked helping out at a brothel; she presently works at Cafe Moon World under Kyoko Hazuki.

    Tokio Saeki

    Ouba Girl's Academy's Vice Principal; he hires Reiji following the outbreak of recent serial murders in order to investigate missing students. He also invites Reiji to investigate in school grounds disguised as a part-time lecturer.

    Orihime Tsukishima

    Ouba Girl's Academy student body president. Talented and charismatic, she is looked up to by many of the school's students.

    Nene Akazaki

    Ouba Girl's Academy nurse who also serves as a confidant during Reiji's investigation of the school.

    Tasuhiko Kusaka

    A homeroom teacher of Yukari and several other of the story's heroines.


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