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    Karamja is an island in RuneScape.

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    There are many cities within the island of Karamja.


    In Brimhaven you can...

    - Take a boat to Ardougne
    - Charter ships to other locations
    - Buy items from a trader at the docks
    - Plant fruit trees in the fruit tree patch (27 farming)
    - Take a cart ride from Brimhaven to Shilo Village for 10-200 gold (Shilo Village Quest required)
    - Grow a spirit tree (83 farming)
    - Train at the agility arena (40 agility needed to use all the obstacles)
    - Buy the agility cape (99 agility needed)
    - Talk to Grubor and Trobert about the Heroe's Quest (Black arm gang only)
    - Use a chest for treasure trails
    - Buy rum and grog at the pub (27 and 3 gold respectively)
    - Use the Player owned house portal for building a house or going to a friend's house
    - Collect Pineapples
    - Fish near Lubufu  (65 Fishing and must not have completed the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest)
    - Explore the Brimhaven Dungeon
    - Mine gold rocks
    - Go to moss giant island


    Davon's Amulet Store

    - Holy Symbol = 360 gp
    - Amulet of Magic = 1080 gp
    - Amulet of Defense = 1530 gp
    - Amulet of Strength = 2430 gp
    - Amulet of Power = 4230 gp

    The Shrimp and Parrot

    - Herring = 19 gp
    - Cod = 26 gp
    - Tuna = 120 gp
    - Lobster = 268 gp
    - Swordfish = 400gp
    - Karambwan = 460 gp


    - Level 2 Imps
    - Level 3 Monkeys
    - Level 5 Snakes
    - Level 16 Theif
    - Level 19 Pirate Guards
    - Level 20 Poison Scorpions
    - Level 23 Pirates
    - Level 23 Tribesman
    - Level 44 Guard Dogs

    Musa Point

    Musa Point is the F2P part of Karamja.
    Things to do in Musa Point include...

    - Take a ship to Port Sarim for 30 gp
    - Charter a ship to other locations for various prices
    - Pick bananas (If you fill a crate for Luthas he will give you 30gp (A common way of getting of Karamja)
    - Fish at the main docks (Tuna, Lobster, Swordfish and more)
    - Go into the volcano for combat training (Members can take the volcano to Tzhaar


    General Store

    The general store is no different than any other, you can buy pots, jugs, shears, buckets, bowls, cake tins, tinderboxes chisels and hammers all for 1 gp.  This store is often used by fishers to sell food so they don't have to go back to a bank but still make a profit.

    Karamja Wines, Spirits and Beers

    - Beer = 2 gp
    - Karamja Rum = 30 gp
    - Wine = 1 gp

    Tai Bwo Wannai

    Tai Bwo Wannai is the tribesman village.
    Things to do in TBW:

    - Take noted bars and some cash, get them unnoted and smith them at the anvil
    - Farm calquats
    - Start the Jungle Potion Quest by talking to Tuftritus
    - Woodcut at the teaks and mahoganys
    - Mine
    - Craft Nature Runes
    - Start the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest by talking to Timfraku

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