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Karel Werfel

Age: 25
Blood type: A
Affiliation: Unknown

Karel was in charge of  Luchino Narukami a member of the incredibly powerful Narukami family which control the Arria Federation
But he has now kidnapped him and cannot be found.
Karel used to be a member of the military, He was a member of the Arria federal special forces where his code name was "brave"

He knows sakurako.


Karel's Rounder
Karel's Rounder

Type: Long Range
Name: Azureus (Tsunami)


Main Attack                          X
Sub Attack                            Y
Retsu                                      B
Rogi                                  Forward, Forward, B
Hirameki                         Forward, Back, B
Nagi                                  Half-Circle, B

B.O.S.S.: Attack Form                              X
B.O.S.S.: Defense Form                           Y
B.O.S.S.: Downswing Attack                  B
B.O.S.S.: Movement Attack                    Direction, A
FINAL B.O.S.S.: Annihilation Attack      A, B


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