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    One of the playable characters in Eternal Darkness. Karim attempts to recover one of the Ancients' artifacts to impress the woman he loves.

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    Relevance in Plot

    Chandra's Request

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    In the year of 565 A.D a young man in Persia was declaring his love to a woman named Chandra who herself was in fact enamored not by Karim but by the promise of wealth and power. Knowing that the young man would do anything to prove his love to her Chandra convinces Karim to locate an ancient relic that was revealed to her in her dreams.  Eager to earn what he believes is true love, Karim agrees to find the relic, however while stricken by his love for her, Karim still has his suspicions of her motives. He asks her that if he were to leave in pursuit of this relic that she would not forget about him or betray his trust. Chandra agrees stating that all she needs to sustain herself is the relic and Karim sets out upon vague directions that Chandra remembered from her dreams.

    The Ancient Temple

    After many months and a treacherous march across the dessert, Karim finds five stone monoliths arranged into a circle, the same ones that Pious Augustus had been drawn to in 26  B.C. A whisper that sounds like Chandra comes from the center point of the stones and Karim is reminded what awaits him should he retrieve the relic Chandra spoke of.  Upon entering the temple he is attacked by unspeakable horrors, one that sends him to another dimensional limbo which Karim manages to escape. During his search of the temple he finds the Tome of Eternal Darkness and uses the scripted magik within the book to help overcome the perils of the temple.

    Karim and Chandra Embrace
    Karim and Chandra Embrace

    The Ghost of Chandra

    After a final fight between what appeared to be an endless wave of the undead Karim finds the room that holds the relic that Chandra spoke of which is in fact one of the essences of the gods. This is the same room in which Pious Augustus first claimed one of the essences for himself and is horribly transfigured by it. As Karim approaches the relic the voice of Chandra comes from behind him stating that the two will be together forever. When Karim turns to face her in confusion he sees that Chandra is but a ghost. She reveals that she was unfaithful after he left, taking bed with a nobleman that had a delouse mistress. One night she was dragged  from her bed, the jealous woman savaging her body with a knife. As Chandra explains this to Karim her ghostly form regresses to what her body looked like after the attack. Karim flinches back both horrified and heartbroken. Chandra asks him for his forgiveness, stating that she understands the folly of her life now. She requests that Karim sacrifice himself to her so that in death they would finally be together. Initially Karim rejects this angry at her betrayal, however Chandra claims that if he does not a darkness will engulf the earth. Somehow Chandra's words ring true to him and the two embrace in a kiss, Karim letting out a blood curdling scream as death embraces him.

    Roberto Bianchi

    The ghost of Karim and Chandra guard the Ancients Essence within the temple for hundreds of years, killing those that ever tried to claim it until in 1460 A.D an architect by the name Roberto Bianchi stumbles into the room, whilst surveying the temple for Pious Augustus under the guise of a warlord. When's Karim's ghostly blade strikes Roberto everyone is shocked to see that it has no effect on him. Karim digresses that Roberto is the chosen one that he had been waiting for all these years and entrusts the architect with the essence.


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