Kashua Glacier

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    At Kashua Glacier the team chases after Lloyd who has kidnapped the Queen of Deningrad. They face a formidable challenge at the glacier's end.

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    Area Information

    Freeze Knight           352-371HP
    Icicle Ball                  154-168HP
    Land Skater              294-334HP
    Rocky Turtle              558-572HP
    Windigo                     10000HP
    Snow Cannon          391-444HP
    Mammoth                  1220-1350HP
    Lloyd                           6300-6900HP

    Item Shop
    Healing Fog              30G
    Healing Breeze        50G
    Sun Rhapsody         50G
    Angel's Prayer          50G
    Body Purifier             10G
    Charm Potion             4G

    Heat Blade
    Heavy Mace
    Gushing Magma
    Phoenix Plume
    Dancing Ray
    Meteor Fall
    Fatal Blizzard
    Brass Knuckle
    Black Rain
    Rave Twister
    Spirit Ring
    Mage Ring

    Weapon Shop
    Mind Crush        350G
    Battle Axe           350G
    Flamberge         350G
    Virulent Arrow    350G
    Saint Armor        300G
    Robe                   300G
    Guard Blade      1000G

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